TMS 安全杀菌

1g/liter = 400ppm = 100% bacteria die off.

TMS contains : Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride 40%.

There are several types of microorganisms causing infectious pathologies in shrimp farming. According to its classification in the biological stage they can be divided as follows:
Viruses: Viruses are infectious agents capable of multiplying only in relation with live cells. There are three important types of viruses in shrimp: Baculovirus, Parvovirus and Nodavirus. Taura virus, White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) and Yellow Head Virus Syndrome (YHV).

Bacteria: The most common bacteria found in this field are those of the Vibrio genus, Gram negative bacillus, mobile. Other bacteria genera causing problems ion shrimp farming are Pseudomonas and filamentous bacteria of the leucotrix genus.

Protozoa: generally unicellular microorganism, but larger than bacteria, part of the protista Kingdom. Two groups are considered important in shrimp: Gregarinas, Microsporidies.

Fungi: Fungi associated with shrimp are microscopic plants that develop interconnected tubular structure and reproduce by spores.

TMS is a powerful bactericide, fungicide, viricide product of intense years of research and fieldwork designed to control microorganism even in adverse conditions.

TMS provides excellent results and benefits, used either as a preventive treatment or as a cure. In the latter case, TMS immediate and effective action brings the problem under control within 24 to 72 hours, thus reducing mortality losses and reducing extra costs caused by the application of medication.

Preventive treatment: Dilute TMS in water before application!
1. Initial soil treatment: 1 kg per hectare (pond preparation).
2. Water treatment: 500 grams (100 pcs per sq. meter stocking density) per hectare once a week.
3. Hatchery usage: 10 ppm disinfect equipment, 0.1 ppm disinfect tank with live larvae.
4. TMS will evaporate itself after 3 days.


TMS 美国全新安全杀菌技术


TMS 不会影响藻类及虾苗,它是一种无毒素及可安全使用的水产药物.

建议用量: (傍晚时采用)
准 备 池 前 : 1kg/10,000平方米
1-60天 : 300g/10,000平方米
60天-收成/治病用 : 500g/10,000平方米
虾苗用 : 0.05 ppm (nauplii)
: 0.5 ppm (PL)
: 5~10 ppm (消毒)

用法 : 把TMS 参 水 均 匀 地 泼 入 池 中. 启 动 水 车.
三 天 後 下 K-5活 菌。