Fossil Shell ( Minerals)

Fossil Shell (FS)

- Particles of natural Fossil Shell.

– 日本純天然化石贝壳粉
育苗大量斃死期多在Zoea 2 至 Zoea 3
与Mysis 至 PL 之變態期、
Fossil Shell 可以在”死亡期”间减少死亡率,在水中提升了虾苗通常都缺乏及人类甚难寻获的天然微量矿物質。



FS is 70μ and mainly used for culturing shrimp and fish larval. Dissolved in water, and put 10g/ton water once a week.

The natural mineral ingredients promote the growth and enrich the larval immunity efficiently by supply the nutritive substance to small larval.

FS can also absorb and deodorize H2S (Hydrogen Sulfate) and NH3 (Ammonia) accordingly. It can improve the water condition and fix pH 8 around. For this purose put 50g of FS into 1ton of water as a standard.

In addition, it can also absorb the dirt in water and sink with it (act as absorbent) so you can have cleaner pond bottom. It also improves soil and clean up sludge.

Packaging : 1kg.