Blue-green Algae
A number of problems, including off-flavour in shrimp, toxic substances, shallow chemical and thermal stratification, odour in pond water, phytoplankton die-off, and unsightly appearance, have been attributed to blue-green algae blooms in natural and impounded waters.

During periods of high light intensity, rapid rates of photosynthesis by algae in surface scums cause high pH, low carbon dioxide concentration, and super-saturation with dissolved oxygen,. Such conditions may result in massive death of blue-green algae, apparently through severe depletion of nutrients (Smith.,1988).

The excretion of antibiotics by blue-green algae which not only inhibit other algae and favour blue-green it also causes the chronic infections known as “haemocytic enteritis” – it is caused by the ingestion of toxins from Blue-green algae.

A scientific break-through product: ALGAECIDE contains of Chloro Alkylphenyl Urea Condensate which control and eliminate especially Blue-green Algae and other harmful algae such as Oocystis, Microcytis, Anabaena & etc. by gradually breaking down their photosynthesis system. / restraining photosynthesis of plankton (Effective only 2~3 days after using)

It also prevents the growth of toxic algae, recondition pond water and increase growth rate.

Suggested usage : (shake well before use)
- use 150 cc / 1500 m2
- to be applied over a period of 9 days ; every 3 days apply once

Direction of Use :
Mix ALGAECIDE with pond water, pour and distribute evenly into shrimp pond and aerate vigorously. Apply during daylight.

蓝 绿 克 (Alagecide)
蓝绿藻 ?
浮底藻 ? (Lap-lap)
黑酱油水色 ? (倒藻後) (1 litre装)
涡鞭藻 ?
水色过浓 ? (有如一层漆浮在水面上)
pH 下午时太高?(水色太浓)


1. 魚虾会有浮头现象
2. 极度软弱及疲乏
3. 不太开胃

蓝 绿 克 是一种科学(水产研究)的新突破.

蓝 绿 克 能把蓝绿藻之细胞包围,阻止蓝绿藻达到光合作用的功能, 进而有效的控制蓝绿藻的迅速滋生,然后在不倒藻的情况下,加以消灭.

用量: 1500平方米用250cc