Shrimp diseases diagnosis- Intestine

Gut (intestine) fullness color are often used as gross indicators of shrimp health status. Since the abdominal muscle of shrimp is translucent, the mid gut can be seen running along the top of the abdominal segments, by holding a pond reared shrimp specimen up to the light. This process reveals whether the gut it empty or full and done shortly after feeding, it can reveal whether the shrimp are eating or not. An empty mid gut indicates that the shrimp are not eating and this, in turn, requires some investigation to determine the cause, In addition to emptiness and fullness, abnormal color of the gut may also indicate that tests are needed to determine the cause. White larval gut has been described related to Baculovirus Midgut Necrosis Virus (BMNV) infections. Yellowish gut has been described related to gregarine infection, malaise posterior midgut cecum and hemolytic enteritis.