Concentrate Calcium ( Liquid )

Concentrate liquid Calcium 水钙王

Soft shell & weak shrimps

Enough Calcium?

The main cause of this problem is lack of Calcium & mineral during molting or during culture.
Aquatic Concentrate liquid Calcium & mineral give high calcium value , easy for shrimp to absorb because already in ion form (Ca2+) – liquid form for Intensive Shrimp Culture (density more than 80 pcs/sq.m)

Ingredient : Liquid Calcium ion(Ca2+) in active and trace mineral (另加微量矿物)

Benefit :
- Shrimp absorb calcium in ion form (Liquid) (Ca2+) instantly (虾子即刻吸入钙离子), decrease mortality during molting period.
- Harden shell instantly during molting prevent cannibalism.能速速增加虾壳硬度,以免同类相殘,损失重量。
- Resistant against diseases out-break and convenient to use. 帮助虾子增加活力,应用它所提供的钙矿物质促进虾壳生长。

Dosage : 10 liter/hac. (continuously once a week).
Standard Calcium requirement : Min. 400ppm.
In case soft shell or persistence soft shell or before harvest 40 liter/hac.