Snail Killer

Snail Killer(SK) 杀 螺 剂

SK contain of “Compound N. Sulfate Powder”, which developed for elimination of shrimp disease carriers specially SANILS. It also eliminates snail’s eggs.

Main ingredient :
Compound Nicotinamiline Sulfate Powder.

Packaging : 500g.
Dosage : 0.8~1.0 ppm
For example : (1 hectare pond x 1 meter water depth use 10kg.)

Mix SK with pond water (x 500) and spread evenly into pond.

SK can be use during culture period, at least after 45 days of culture.

For Pond Preparation : Allow your pond to be stocked only after 7 days from the day of application.

For more economy use, mix Snail Killer 1 bag with 10 liters of water and spray on the area where snails are abundant before water stocking prosess begin or after harvest. Do this in the evening (7pm) when the sun has already set down


杀 螺 剂

采 用 高 科 技,从 天 然 植 物 所 提 炼 的 馏 出 液,经 过多 次 改良研 制 而 成。高效殺螺,螺卵與尾蚴,对鱼虾及环境安全,无公害。

在 备 池 养 殖 前,清 除 与 杀 灭 池 水 内 主要 传 染 疾 病 的 媒 体 – 螺类及贝壳等。

10,000m2 用 8 kg(16包)水深1米。
如果水深0.5米,用4 kg (8包)即可。
使 用 杀 螺 剂 十 天 后,方可下苗。

在 养 殖 期 间 (40天後),方 可 再 采 用 杀 螺 剂。

包裝:500 克 。