Aquatic Super Organic

Raw Materials
Aquatic Super Organic Raw material

ASO is an specially formulated biological and biochemical system designed to accelerate the biological decomposition of highly fouled aquaculture pond soil. ASO contains selected micro-organisms to inoculate the soil wastes and start the biodegradation process. It also is fortified with unique accelerants to speed the microbial action. ASO can rapidly breakdown the waste in the pond bottom and tranform the waste into food source for plankton in pond.
Wastes are a natural byproduct of shrimp farming. Uneaten shrimp feed, shrimp feces, dead shrimp and skeletons contribute significant quantities of organic debris to the pond environment. Minor accumulation of waste on the pond bottom poses no major problem as the pond’s normal ecosystem can degrade the waste into harmless soil humus.
After harvest, the pond should be drained as per normal procedures. For very heavy accumulations of pond waste it is best to physically remove as much as possible prior to ASO application. Before applying ASO, the pond should be limed as per normal procedures.

Packing : 30Kg

Dosage for 5000m2 shrimp pond:
A) Waste break down application :
- Apply 3 bags (90kg) of ASO in the middle of the pond bottom where most of the waste are accumulated.

B) Pond maintenance and pond fertilization application:
- Apply 2 bags (60kg) of ASO in the middle of the pond after 2 weeks of PL stocking.

要 想 使 养 虾 业 在 恶 劣 的 环 境 下 获 得 好 成 绩 ,虾 农 必 需 借 助 新 科 技来促 进产量 , 从 而起得突破。
在这方面 , 由泰国 所 研 制的天然生 态 ASO ,能有效地协助虾农 ,改善已采用多年老化的池子,提高虾子的活存率,使它们健康成长,疫防EMS,进而增加产量。



包装: 30kg
1. 使旧池 “ 还原 “,提高生产
2. 增加土壤肥力,促进藻类繁殖及保持虾池水色稳定
3. 提高土壤通透性,使肥效不易流失
4. 含微生物如:固氮菌群、溶磷菌群、酵酶菌群等益菌及天然土壤矿物质,能澈底改善土壤结构及增强土壤活性
5. 解决虾子缓慢长大的难题。