Aquatic GAP 2

Aquatic GAP 2 (With 15% Spirulina)
– The BEST formula for Zoea and Mysis Stages!
附加15% 螺 旋 藻、是最完善的眼幼蟲及糠虾期饲料。

An artificial suspend-able micro encapsulated feed.
Immune boosting and survival enhancing effect.
High Level of protein and PUFAs.
Easily Digested.
Will not cause water quality problems.

GAP2 is a homogenic microencapsulate consisting of a consolidated nutrient. Its ingredients include, eggs, shrimp extract, casein, yeast extract, cholesterol, lecithin, chitosan, enzymes, polyunsaturated fatty acid, trace minerals and vitamins.

GAP2 particle size (粒徑) : 30 -90 microns.