Shrimp diseases diagnosis – Body Of Shrimp

BODY OF SHRIMP (Parasite on shrimp Body)

The most common fouling protozoans are peritriched. They include the genera Epitstylis, Zoothamnium, Vonicella, and Anophrys (invasive). There also occur suctorians bacteria , heavy infection with these organisms may impair respiration, feeding, locomotion and molting and even result in death due to hypoxia. While most of the fouling protozoans are non invasive and cause on obvious damage to the internal structures, an unidentified ciliate has been described to cause necrosis and inflammation of the gills. Infestation often comprises a mixed population of organisms in addition to fouling protozoans. Other members of the population maybe fouling becteria, diatoms, Blue green algae , and filamentous bacteria. The presence of fouling organisms is a good indicator of poor water quality and / or poor health status of the shrimp.