Japan Enzyme

Japan Aquaculture Enzyme : 日本SKK 酵素

Life could be difficult without enzyme. From the smallest cell in the body to the metabolism, from breaking down of food to digestion, enzyme play pivotal role in all functions and activities pertaining to aquatic’s life.

Without enzyme food cannot be broken down (high FCR) thus, the nourishment and beneficial ingredients (vitamins, minerals and proteins) cannot be absorbed (poor digestibility) by the body to sustain growth.

2 main food groups – protein and fat both from fish and shrimp feed, need enzyme in order to be broken down into molecules small enough to be absorbed into the blood stream. Subsequently, adequate nutrients in the body will ensure the normal function of each organ. Enzymes are able to enhance the immune system too!

SKK enzyme is very stable. It contains digestive enzymes such as amylase, pepsin and lipase, which are able to break down food (better FCR) and regulate a better metabolism in body (healthy growth).

SKK enzyme also disposing off toxins and elevating the blood pH to a more alkaline level, this can help both shrimp and fish to stay in a higher level of immune system thus, preventing pathogenic bacteria invasion.

SKK enzyme also helps to maintain a cleaner pond bottom by “speeding up” decompose process and promote the growth of the beneficial bacteria in fish and shrimp’s digestive system.

Application :
Mix with feed : 2g per 1kg of feed.
Direct apply into culture pond : 10g per 1 ton water.

魚蝦養殖用 : 日本SKK 酵素 (Enzyme)

特長與功效 (堤高新成代謝及消化能力)
• 防止有害瓦斯或糞臭的發生,造就魚蝦棲息環境,安全育成健全魚蝦。
• 對病原體,微生物發生有殺滅制壓的效果,並減輕各種病患率,尤其可節省不少藥物費用。
• 減少魚蝦淘汰數,堤高生存率,幫助消化,腸胃吸收好及增加腸胃中有益菌的数量,對節省飼料及體重增加是最大的優點。
• 育苗者,養殖池內殘留多量飼料及排泄物,經过一段时间腐败就产生有害瓦斯,污染水質而引起各種疾病影響鱼类生長或死亡。此时如采用SKK,用法可直接施用养殖池中,消除有害物質。

A) 飼料添加: 每公斤飼料添加2g SKK。每餐都用,直到收成。

B) 直接潑灑: 每吨水用10g SKK。

C) 空池整池: 不必清除泥土,將SKK加100 倍池水直撤佈泥土上面就可放水飼养。