(Calcium Hydrochloride 65% min.)

90% min. Calcium Hydrochloride is also available.


Precautionary statements.
Chemical hazaros

- Hi Chlor is a strong Oxidizer.
- A void contact with skin, eyes, and Clotings.
- A void breating dust and vapour.
- Do not mix or allow contact with any foreingn materials such as soap materials, detergent products, paint, acids,sovents, vinegar, garbage, oils, petrol and other combustible materials.
- Use clean and dry container for dispensing.
- Do not add water to this product, add this product with water.

It has absolutely effect on post larval, plankton, all other microorganisms and dissolved Oxygen


It is an germicide in the form of Calcium hypochlorite 65% which effectively disinfects Gram+ and Gram– bacteria, Vibrio spp. Bacteria, white-sport virus disease, Protozoa, Fungus, and luminous bacteria


Pond preparation : Apply 35 kg./ 1300 m2 (35 ppm.)


Main disinfectant for Swimming Pool, Drinking Water, Shrimp Pond waste water Treatment.

Transportation: Do not throw container, It may cause leakage of contents or invasion of moisture.
Storage :
- Keep out of reach of children.
- Keep in original container in a cool, dry and well ventilated area-indoor.
- Keep container closed when not in use.
- Keep a way From heat sources, sparks and open flames.