Super Blue Powder

Super Blue 人 工 水 色

Super Blue 人 工 水 色
• Colorant powder.

Characters & Functions:

An scientific artificial plankton (formulated colorant), which:
- Reduce sunlight penetration into pond water. Act as a huge “umbrella” for pond shading purpose.
- To shade and prevent the growth of benthic algae such as “lap-lap” when plankton collapse occur.
- Reduce concentration & prevents occurrence of lichen and thallophytic plants.
- Purifying pond water thus providing a darker environment which is less stressful for the shrimp.
- Control Plankton Bloom (by reduce light intensity).
- Maintain good and stable pH fluctuation.
- Reduced pond’s water temperature.

Super Blue is very stable and can sustain in pond water for a period of three (3~4) weeks.

It also prevent the growth of toxic algae, recondition pond water reduce or prevent sudden mass mortality thus increase growth rate.

It is strongly recommended to use during stocking of post larvae (PL) for better survival.

Suggested usage :
- use 1kg / 3000 m2

Direction of Use :
Mix Super Blue with pond water, pour and spread the mixture into pond and aerate vigorously.